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Trust Manhand
Big work or small, Manhand handles it with expert services.
At Manhand, we can remedy a broad range of plumbing issues. We can unblock clogged pipes, seal leaks, fix dripping faucets, repair running toilets, install new plumbing fixtures, clean drains, and more. With our aid, you will enjoy a steady water flow and never worry about water damage.
Home Repairs
Home Repairs
Use our home repair services fix all those problems you never get around to yourself. We can address breakages and safety hazards. Let us reliably restore the integrity of your home or commercial buildings so you can feel safe and comfortable.
Furniture Assembly
Furniture Assembly
We assemble and organise furniture, curtains/blinds, desks, tables and shelves. We can fix door problems, sliding doors and screens. Do you need your gates or fence repaired? Manhand can get it sorted.
“Manhand's service was remarkable! What a refreshing, efficient, and pleasant experience.”
Most of my experiences with other people have been non-communicative. How refreshing it was to have Michelle Carter not only talk to me but also explain the details of the work being done. I've never experienced this, it truly was GREAT!
— Paul
“Thanks for being prompt and answering my questions. You went above and beyond.”
Michelle Carter was very thorough. Answering all my questions and went into a lot of detail with the measurements before giving me a quote. The other guys took a quick look before throwing out a wild number.
— Pauline
“I only want to work with honest people. These guys are the best!”
Honesty and integrity are super important to me. We called and requested a quote. Michelle Carter gave us a fair, efficient price and a time estimate. We scheduled the work to be done 2 days later.
— Patrick
Michelle Carter
At Manhand, we understand the desire of our customers to know more about our company and work before they entrust us with the maintenance and repairs of their properties. Check out our testimonials and give us a call for references. Michelle Carter loves the outdoors whether that's sailing yachts or climbing mountains. Michelle Carter brings this outdoor energy to the work, creating an enjoyable and "educational" experience.